Mechanical department

Introduction To Mechanical Engineering

img Prof. Shitole J.S. ,HOD

About The department

Mechanical Engineering is versatile and evergreen branch of engineering. A Mechanical Engineer can work in various specialized areas like Automotive Systems, Combustion and Propulsion, Design Engineering, Dynamic Systems and Controls, Energy Systems and Thermodynamics, Fluid Power Engineering, Heat Transfer, Refrigeration & Air conditioning and most importantly in software field also. The Department of Mechanical Engineering at DGOI was established in the year 2010. At present The department has a modern CAD/CAM/CAE center. The department has high end software's like ANSYS 14, Pro-E (Creo), FEA , AUTODESK INVENTOR series, FLUENT for CFD, Master CAM, CATIA V6, MATLAB 12, etc. The department has 15 laboratories, well equipped with modern equipments. The department is offering postgraduate program in Design Engineering.

Currently The department offers the following courses. Course Intake
1. Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering 120
2. Master in Mechanical Engineering 24

Department Faculty name of faculty designation qualification experience

Prof. J.S. Shitole

HOD, Asst Professor

ME(Production), ME (Design)

Teaching- 08 Yrs

Prof. A.V. Karande

Assistant Professor ME Design Teaching- 03 Yr
3. Prof. M.M. Sayyad Assistant Professor ME (Design)

Industrial- 1 Yr
Teaching- 3 Yr

4. S.N. Dombale Assistant professor ME (Design)

Teaching- 4 Yr

5. Prof. J.A. Sodal Assistant professor M.E.(Mechanical)

Industrial- 2 Yr

6. Prof. B.R. Walkunde Assistant professor ME (Design) Teaching- 4 Yr
7. Prof. P.B. Yadao Assistant professor M.TECH (Production) Teaching- 1 Yr
8. Prof. A.V. Pawar Assistant professor BE (Mechanical)

Industrial- 7 Yr
Teaching- 3 Yr

9. Prof. K.R. Bhore Assistant professor ME (Heat & Power Engg)

Industrial- 1 YR

Teaching- 4 Yr
10. Prof. V.D. Ghadage Assistant professor ME (Heat & Power Engg) (pursuing) Teaching- 3 Yr
11. Prof. A.V. Zagade Assistant professor ME (Design) (Pursuing)

Industrial- 1 Yr
Teaching- 3 Yr

12. Prof. S.I. Jamadar Assistant professor ME (Design) (Pursuing)

Industrial- 2 YR
Teaching- 1 Yr