Message from CAO- . Dr. Vishal Babar

Dear students,

I am pleased to welcome you to the Institute of Pharmaceutical Science Research (For Girls), Swami-Chincholi, Daund, a Dattakala Shikshan Sanstha initiative founded in 2018 with the purpose to provide superior education through innovation and active pedagogical methodologies. Since its foundation, the institute has been dedicated to providing quality healthcare services. The vision and mission of the institute are represented in its faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

Students encounter significant obstacles and competitiveness in the professional field in today's fast-paced and modernizing society. Through great academics, athletics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, we have always endeavored to develop and mould the raw abilities of our students to a fine level. Imbibing the human component in today's cutthroat competitive environment has become a requirement, which can be accomplished through education. The college magazine is a medium for students to uncover their hidden abilities.

Pharmacy is a health-related discipline, and students are endowed with information and communication skills that allow them to serve the society to the best of their abilities. Pharmacy comprises and serves various sectors of society, including Community Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, Regulatory Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical industries. A college magazine is an excellent forum for instilling all of the aforementioned attributes in a student. It is a means of summarizing the activities and events that take place at the college, as well as congratulating students who have received awards in various subjects.

The parents can repose full faith in the sincerity of purpose & devotion of the faculty for the sub-lime guidance bestowed on their words.

'Insight' has created a platform for reaching out to the masses and showcasing the perspectives and abilities of staff and students. I'd want to thank the editorial board, the employees, and the students who worked tirelessly to provide "Insight: 2022" to the public.

With Best Regards...

Dr. Vishal Babar