Message From Library Head

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Dattakala Group of Institutions Faculty of Engineering, Management, and Computer Applications. Library has provided technical, Management, General reading, MPSC/ UPSC, Marathi Literature books for Teaching, Learning and research. The College Library would like to support you in your studies and in making good use of your knowledge; we will help you to locate, select and acquire the information you need from what may seem like a rather daunting mountain of material.

More than 20,000 scientific articles are published every day; this amounts to around four million publications per year, which appear in more than 100,000 specialist journals. Every year, more than one million new books are launched by around 65,000 publishers. The flood of information before us is overwhelming and will only increase with further developments in technology. But in today's knowledge-based society we rely on knowing the section of this information that is relevant to our field of work and area of life, particularly those of us who are involved in developing expertise in science and teaching.

We are dedicated to delivering high-quality, innovative information services, which contribute to the successful learning, teaching and research of the College Students, Faculties and the community.

Our Library serves as a steward of wonderful treasures ranging from Books, Journals, ME, BE MBA , MCA Dissertations, Newspapers Clippings, , e-books, e-Journals of the users community.

We offer 24-hour weekday access to Reading Hall and 9 .00am to 5.00 pm ( Monday to Saturday ) Collections..

The Library continually works to further the development of its services and has a global presence. We aim to provide you with the best possible service. I look forward to your visit.

Kind regards

Mr. Kale Laxman Tukaram

Librarian Dattakala Group of Institutions.